World's First Future Learning Lab

Homi Lab, a venture of Arcturus Education Private Limited, is the world's first future learning lab designed to create the next generation of pioneers - who will walk on Mars and who will cure the planet and humanity. We believe that children are all unique, it does not matter what grades they get--every child, with the right guidance, has the chance to shape the future and find their place in the history books.  

Homi Lab aims to ignite the curiosity, creativity, and passion for science in young learners and serve as a medium for bridging the gap between the scientific community and the general population.

We train you to touch the stars!

Homi Lab is striving to provide young learners all over the world opportunity to access world-class futuristic learning content, a chance to engage in experiments in futuristic labs based on virtual reality, and obtain certificates from international institutions.

Srijan Pal Singh

Founder & Mission Commander

An IIM Ahmedabad Gold-Medallist who worked with Boston Consulting Group and consulted UN-WFP. He worked as an Advisor to the 11th President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam from 2009-2015. He was associated with the Indian Institute of Space Sciences and Technology (IIST) - a research and education venture of ISRO. With Dr. Kalam, he was instrumental in designing the PURA scheme, Space-Based Solar Power advising on Koodanakulum Nuclear Power Plant and Neutrino-Technology. ​


He was nominated as a member of Shyama Prasad Mookerjee National RURBAN Policy by the Government of India. From 2013-15, he also worked as an advisor for the Chief Minister of Gujarat on Innovation and Technology. The Government of Uttar Pradesh nominated him as a Mentor for its Rs. 10 Billion startup policy. He is also nominated as a Board Member for the Maharashtra Government’s Center for Innovation and Progressive Regulation under the MWRRA. ​


He has written 15 books, including three as co-author with Dr. Kalam selling over 400,000 copies in 12 languages.​In 2012, Dr. Kalam and Srijan founded the Kalam Foundation where Srijan was appointed as the Managing Director. He is the mentor to the Kalam Centre now. ​The Kalam Centre runs 450+ free libraries. Kalam Centre has recruited over 600 teachers have been recruited to act as teachers across 300 schools and correction centers helping 250,000 children from disadvantaged communities.

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