Exploring the Future Frontiers

Dear Students,

These are times of uncertainty when Earth faces the most difficult hour in the past century. We know the education of your child is hindered, as he or she finds the schools shut down and the learning process is slowed down. But in such moments of distortion comes the time of disruption and opportunities. 


Presenting before you an opportunity - something we have carefully curated with experts from all around the globe.


It is our vision that some of the children who start this unique journey with us, will one stand on another planet and look back at our planet - and this time. 


Making of a Genius

Geniuses have given the world everything from Gravity to the Vaccine. But what is genius and how to become one?

10 year onwards


Wrapped World Of Black Hole

What are black holes? Do they really exist? Join us on this journey as we explore concepts behind black holes.

10 year onwards


The Secret Script of Matter

Atoms are made up of sub atomic particle which are composed of even smaller particles. Join us as we further probe into what makes us the Universe!

10 year onwards


Making of an Astronaut

By 2035, we will have the first humans to land on the Mars. Who knows you could be the first Mars Walkers!

10 year onwards

Computer Sketch

Learn AI

With the age of artificial intelligence before us, let us teach the basics of artificial intelligence. 

10 year onwards

Covid 19

Understanding Coronavirus

This course will give you a deep understanding of the genetics of the novel coronavirus virus which has caused the worst pandemic ever seen by humanity.

13 year onwards


The Interstellar Traveller

When the super heroes get a distress call, they arrive at their destination in no time. Is that even possible in real life?

10 year onwards

Robot on Wheels

Welcome to Robo World

Over the past decade, robots have captured the world’s imagination. How do they operate?

10 year onwards

Why Homi Lab?


Customised Handouts

Digital handout for each session which includes interesting facts and stories, activities to do and recap of the sessions.


Exciting Videos & Presentations

Get a visual treat to understand complex and difficult scientific phenomenon and process in simplified manner.


Interactive Quizzes

Solve the quiz and test your knowledge at the end of each session. Show your score to your friends and challenge them.


Online Sessions

School goes online! Let us delve deeper into the world of science through a series of classes conducted online.


Guest Lectures

Some lectures of the session would be taken by guests including renowned professors and people from the industry.  



On successful completion of the course, you'll get an e-certificate to show to your friends that you are "future-ready".