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Sally Ride EarthKAM Camp

Sally Ride EarthKAM Camp is an international educational program of NASA through which students can receive stunning images of the Earth from a digital camera mounted at a nadir pointing window in the International Space Station (ISS). This program was started by Dr. Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. We bring this unique workshop to young learners, with the enthralling experience of photographing Earth from a unique perspective of space.

During EarthKAM Camp missions, we hold workshops where students are guided by educators to select locations of geographical and environmental interest, based on weather and orbit checking, and through software, interface submit requests which are sent to ISS. ISS captures images of the locations and makes high-quality images available for download. Images have been taken of regions of interest in geography, environment, ecology, and natural disasters.

Learners understand ISS, and how to select regions based on climatic and environmental importance. This is a multidisciplinary project and students learn about software and additional skills. Schools are privileged to join in a NASA outreach programme simultaneously with schools around the world.

It is time to embark on your cosmic journey!

Space station
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