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Space Camp

Exploring the Space, Above & Beyond!

Dear Future Astronauts,


Space science is not just science rather it's an experimental science. Apart from strengthening the scientific knowledge of learners at an early age, space science can enhance their creative and comprehension skills, and improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination while understanding about the evolution of the Universe!

Homi Lab's Space Camp is the first and only winter camp in India that invites learners to be a part of scientific exploration by taking a hands-on, experiential approach to space and science learning. To further enrich the learning experiences, we promise to keep them engaged throughout with a variety of learning options.

This 9-day Space Camp is designed by our team of global experts and space scientists with a well-defined learning objective for learners. All the sessions are driven by experiential learning to encourage deeper thinking and problem-solving skills while discovering something new!


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