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Creating the Next-Gen of Pioneers!

Homi Lab provides a learning space and opportunity for young audiences to access cutting-edge future skills from the domains of science, technology, economics, entrepreneurship, medicine, and other allied fields.

The World's First Future Learning Lab

Homi Lab brings together the future skills from the best minds across the globe coupled with cutting-edge virtual laboratories to create personalized immersive learning experiences for young minds.


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Become Future Ready!

Homi Lab aims to build the next generation of leaders and explorers. We provide young learners across geographies with up-to-date tools, access to quality education, and a wide range of opportunities to develop knowledge about cutting-edge skills of the future. We hope to inspire, ignite, and provide a 360° immersive learning experience about the future for today's curious youth.


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Service Module

This is a self-paced learning module that offers a wide range of courses to help you become future-ready. With a galaxy of courses to choose from, this module provides audio-visual lessons that include interactive videos. Whether you are interested in space sciences, biological sciences, or the material science, this learning module has something for everyone.

Command Module

This is a guided self-paced learning module that offers a wide range of courses to help you become future-ready. With a galaxy of courses to choose from, our module offers audio-visual lessons that are both engaging and interactive. Plus, you'll have access to 3D virtual and augmented reality laboratories for an immersive learning experience to practice everting which you have learnt.

Coming Soon

Future Expert

This is an advanced guided, subscription-based learning where learners enjoy access to cutting-edge futuristic knowledge and skills. This also includes access to gamified laboratories. This also offers physical workshops where you can collaborate and learn alongside other learners. These workshops provide a valuable opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge.

Coming Soon

What Do Our Students Say?

The entire experience of learning interstellar travel was enlightening. The classes were conducted with a truly fantastic level of interest and commitment. Developing one's personality was yet another integral component of this course.

Unnati Koppiker

Mary Immaculate Girls High School, Mumbai

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