Scientists Who Changed Medicine Forever

Inspiring Stories of Humanity's Greatest Minds

If we could miraculously transport even the smartest people from around 1800 to today's world, they would be simply astonished at how we now understand things that had puzzled humans for centuries.

Just over a hundred years ago, people had no idea how we inherit and pass on traits or how a single cell could grow into an organism. They didn't know that atoms themselves had structure - the word itself means indivisible. And they had no idea how things began, whether it was life on earth or the universe itself. Yet, with the minimum knowledge and resources, they were able to cure some of the most deadly diseases on the planet.

This course will take you on a journey of how scientists, through the ages, strove to understand the nature of
the physical world and will, hopefully, inspire new ways of dealing with current challenges.

This course consists of three sessions and is offered in English.


Each session would be of 60 minutes, followed by a one to one Q&A session. 

Recommended Age Group: 10+ years

Price of Course: Rs 1,500

Price of Module: Rs 600 each

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Course Overview


Session 1

Let's relive the journey of how a serum from a cow was used to make the world's first vaccine and that resulted in the eradication of smallpox, the deadliest infectious disease in history. We will also discuss another great mind who accidentally discovered antibiotics and gave each of us 50 extra years to live. 

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Session 2

North, South, East, and West are Earth-related directions that are used for navigation here. But, how to astronauts navigate in space?

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Session 3

We have landed men on the Moon. Can we colonize other worlds? Which will be the celestial bodies you would be walking on?

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