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Dear Future Leaders,

Recent years have seen a radical change in the learning process. Technology has been a catalyst in bringing about this immense change. The world is getting smaller as people engage in global collaboration for learning, business, and content creation. Young people, like you, need new skills for the current and future workplace that will make you ready to collaborate with others, not only in your own classroom or workplace but with others anywhere on the planet.

Homi Lab presents before you an opportunity – courses and content we have carefully curated with experts from all around the globe. It is our hope that some of you who start this unique journey with us will one day stand on another, faraway planet and gaze back fondly at Earth, and the time you have spent with Homi Lab.



Making of an Astronaut

Set in the year 2030, this course takes you on an exciting yet dangerous journey towards becoming an astronaut.

Full Moon

Moon Walker

Set in the year 2050, this course tells you everything you have ever wanted to know about our nearest cosmic neighbor, Moon.


Black Hole Explorer

Set in the year 2090, this course is a one-stop guide to understanding and unraveling the mysteries of a black hole.


Mars Architects

Set in the year 2052, this course explores challenges and various steps taken by humanity to establish a colony on Mars.

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