Making of an Astronaut

Humanity’s first space explorer, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, orbited around the globe on 12 April 1961, more than half a century ago. Since then, more than 566 people from 37 nations have blasted themselves into the deep black abyss, unravelling its mysteries. 

By 2035, we will have the first humans to land and live on our next planet, Mars. The next 15 years would see a series of giant leaps, present several critical challenges that will be overcome by some of the most ingenious minds humankind has produced. And who knows, you (children in schools today), could be the next Mars Walkers!

The course consists of 10 sessions (9 sessions + 1 workshop) and is offered in English. 

Each session would be of 50 minutes. Special Q&A session every Sunday.

Recommended Age Group: 10 years onwards​

Price of Course: Rs 4,500  



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