Learn AI

If you’ve ever asked Alexa to play a song or use face filters on Instagram, then you’ve used what is known as artificial intelligence, or AI. With the age of AI before us, it becomes important for kids to learn AI basics because it’s a skill 21st-century that kids must-have.

This AI online course is perfect for kids and beginners of all ages to dive into the world of artificial intelligence and learn AI basics and machine learning basics in an interactive and playful manner with loads of hands-on activities and projects such as how to code their own games, monitor weather, manage waste, and more.

The course consists of 12 sessions and is offered in English. 

Recommended Age Group: 10 years onwards​

Price of Course: Rs 4,500


Course Overview

Computer Robot

Getting Started

This module is divided into following sessions:

  • Say Hello to Homibot
    Homibot is an AI robot designed to accelerate learning for curious kids. Here we'll introduce you to this friend of yours.

  • Lights. Display. Fun!

  • Brace yourself as we meet our coding buddy which would assist during the entire course to learning AI.

  • Fun Time
    Let's delve into some exciting and fun music-based artificial intelligent bots and enjoy building them.

  • Play Time
    As we move further, let us take a moment and revisit everything which we have learned and make some more bots!

Boy with DIY Robot

Artificial Intelligence

This module is divided into following sessions:

  • All About Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines. We will examine this unique behavior.

  • AI and Homibot
    The simplest and most basic form of AI is a chatbot. Here, we will learn to make one and play around with it.

  • Making an Expression Detector
    Expression detection has been one of the main characteristic features of humans. Can AI do this? Let us find out!

  • Let us Conclude
    Before we move to the next module, let us learn more applications of AI and see how it has changed our lives.

Robot on Wheels

Taking Learning To The Real World

This module is divided into following sessions:

  • AI Weather Monitoring System
    Weather forecasting systems have depended on AI for years. Here we will make one such from scratch.

  • Waste Management System
    The world today faces a major garbage crisis. Let us try to solve this problem with an automated waste management system.

  • Face Recognition with Homibot
    We have all come across facial recognition systems. Why not make one with Homibot and see how it actually operates?

  • Home Automation System
    Have you ever dreamt of a house operated by your voice commands? Here is your chance to live your dream.